Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Scourge-- Now Available!

The Scourge-- the fourth installment in the Edgar Sullivan paranormal mystery series-- will be available in the Kindle store on 9/11/2012, and for only 99 cents!

The lines separating the natural from the supernatural are becoming blurred in the fourth installment of the Edgar Sullivan paranormal mystery series!

When Edgar Sullivan finds one of his clients dead and covered in strange, black cockroaches, he decides to consult a local exterminator. Rudolph, the exterminator, fills him in on something: These roaches have been seen elsewhere-- and they've killed before. Eager to avoid more deaths, Sullivan collaborates with the exterminator and tracks down the plague of roaches as they prepare to swarm their next victim.

Can Sullivan overcome his fear and put a stop to the scourge of insects, or will he be forced to let nature run its course? And, is it truly mother nature who's driving the insects to kill, or is it the work of something more sinister?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Promotional Madness

I'm in the middle of writing the next installment in the Edgar Sullivan series, so I'll keep this brief.

Keep an eye out for my work in various venues over the next few days! In particular, I'm being featured at Flurries of Words, Kindle Author, Free eBooks Daily and numerous others. If I'm really lucky, perhaps Ereader News Today and Pixel of Ink will promote me as well. I'm hoping to build a bit of steam with these promotions, so tell all of your friends and, if you haven't already, check out the aforementioned sites to find great, affordable eBooks!

The Smell of Leather will be free for the next few days and the other two in the series will be on sale for 99 cents. Snatch 'em up while they're cheap!

In the pipeline is another volume in the Edgar Sullivan series (I hope to have it finished within the week), as well as a few other shorts for the Tales of Terror series. What's more, each volume of the Edgar Sullivan series will soon be available in paperback! Just putting the last finishing touches on those.

Stay tuned!

--OJ Connell

Monday, 3 September 2012

Cowboy Smut

Ever heard of Longarm?

The Longarm series of books is a long-running "adult western" series. To be completely frank, it's violent cowboy smut. Intrigued yet?

I first became acquainted with Longarm during a recent trip to my local Barnes and Noble. Never having realized that there was a section titled "Westerns", I decided to peruse the available titles. You see, I've never read a western. They've never much seemed my cup of tea. Looking to expand my literary horizons however (and pick up a little pulp fare), I recently decided to explore the genre.

So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the book pictured above. There were numerous volumes of Longarm on the shelf, their spines marked with tremendous numbers. "Dear god," I muttered aloud. "There can't possibly be more than 400 books in this series. There's simply no way."

As of this post, there are, in fact, four-hundred and six volumes in the Longarm series. That's right. More than 400. Upon realizing this, I became fiercely curious. Certainly a series as long as this one must have some literary merit, no? Surely the author, Tabor Evans, was a legend among authors for having churned out more than 400 novels in his lifetime, right?

Well, not quite. While the novels are, indeed, quite numerous, I found little in the way of literary merit. What I found instead was a huge-ass serving of randy cowboy penis.

I won't deny it-- I went ahead and bought the book. I wanted to know just how it was possible that a series could run on so long. Mind you, I'd only read the first few pages at Barnes and Noble. I hadn't been impressed with the quality of the writing, but figured that it might improve. At the time I still didn't know what I was getting into. The cashier's grin should've clued me in.

The hero of these novels, Custis 'Longarm' Long, is a Deputy US Marshal. He's a confident, masculine fellow-- a gentleman when he has to be, but a ruffian and womanizer through and through. Upon completing the first few chapters, I quickly realized just what I was reading.

The Longarm series details the sexual exploits of the aforementioned US Marshal. Yeah, it's true-- he does do US Marshal-y stuff. More often than not however, the thin plot seems nothing more than a vehicle for clumsily-written sex-scenes. Oh. And to make him look like a huge badass.

After some truly bodacious head-shots, he bangs the chick he's supposed to be rescuing in the desert. Peppered tastefully throughout the account of their, erm, lovemaking, are reports of Longarm's generous proportions. The woman can't help but heap on the praise between violent orgasms. Five minutes later, they do it again. Had I been forced to summarize my understanding of eroticism during my adolescent years in the form of a western, I might've written something like Longarm and the Hell Creek Lead Storm. Author Tabor Evans is either a prolific, sexually frustrated teenager, or a middle-aged chronic masturbator. I don't care to speculate which.

An excellent fighter and lover, Longarm seems to me the epitome of manliness from the viewpoint of a fourteen-year old kid. What any grown man could hope to gain from reading such stories is beyond me, however there's little doubt that they do. The books sell quite well, it seems.

To each their own. The book is sitting on the desk in my office. I've very nearly finished it, and have had my share of laughs while reading it. When my amusement has passed, how will I dispose of it, however? I can't actually keep something like this on my bookshelf, can I? Someday down the road, when my children are literate, how could I possibly explain the presence of such a raunchy, ridiculous volume?

Son: "Hey, dad. I just found this weird cowboy sex book on your shelf."

"I--I've never seen that before."

Well, off to bed.
~Sexy cowboy dreams to all of you~
--OJ Connell